Sitter Sessions


Sitter Sessions are great for babies approximately 6-10 months old or when baby is sitting securely on their own and before they start to walk. Often parents will plan on getting newborns photos, but sometimes that can get missed.  The next best time to photograph your baby is when they can sit up! If you have been considering a photography session for your little one, here are a few reasons this age range makes an ideal time to photograph your little one.

  • When a baby is sitting up on their own, you have much more variety than if you were to photograph your baby laying down.
  • No playing chase. Once they know how to walk there is no slowing them down! At this age they tend to be very easy to entertain also and getting those adorable smiles are easily achieved with a simple game of peek-a- boo!
  • Shorter session – a sitter session can be done in about 30-45 minutes and you still end up with a variety of poses!
  • Babies around this age are just so adorable with their chubby little arms and legs, especially with those big round eyes.

Sitter sessions are done in my studio in Orange. I do have a few outfits, bonnets etc in the studio.

If you’re interested in setting up a session I’d love to see you in the studio!