Ara & Addalyn | Newborn Twins

Newborn Twins Ara & Addalyn came to visit the studio earlier this year with their mum Kara and dad David. Addy was the first born, she was the smaller of the two and had an awesome head of hair. It was so dark and thick and enviable! And Ara, she was the second to enter the world, and she had the prettiest little features. It was such a joy to photograph them both!

Mum (Kara) and Dad (David) were certainly going to have their hands full with these two. You could just see their little personalities straight away, and they were so individual already. I mean caring for one newborn child is daunting enough for many new parents. Even the prospect of having two the same time can be a real jolt to the system! I certainly give kudos to parents who have newborn twins, especially in those first few months! I know with my first, she had day and night mixed up and did not want to sleep a wink. And that certainly pushes you to your limits!

However once they get a little older and you have their schedules all worked out (and you are starting to feel a little more human), the joy and wonder of just seeing two little individuals grow and learn you would be amazing – isn’t that the joy of having newborn twins?


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