Hello there!

Meet Me.... Melissa

I have been photographing people for 20 years! 

I started my journey as a professional photographer at the age of 18. Back then it was film, and I worked as a second shooter for a wedding photographer. 

Then 10 years ago I decided to I start my own business. That was just before we moved to Orange.

I am a member of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) and have won awards for my client work. 

I am up to date with all my vaccinations including whooping cough.

I am fully insured.

Over 10 years specialist baby photography experience.



I have been a photographing clients



travelled to



driven last year

My favourite things

Spending the day with my family cuddled on the lounge watching movies.

Going to Scrumptious to have coffee with my friends.

Travelling and exploring new places whether here in Australia, or overseas.

Session Information

Session Information and Packages can be found in the details page. Just click on the picture that relates to what you would like photographed.